Chicken Coop and Hen Pricing

Chicken Coop Pricing

My basic coop is $650, which includes parts and labor. That is, I come over and construct it for you (so long as you’re reasonably within the New York Tri-State area)–and give you all the advice you need, plus the chickens gratis. I also make a green-roof model, $850, so you can grow herbs, veggies, etc. on the coop’s roof. Also, all chicken coops need a floor, and I recommend a concrete slab (cuts down on stink and general mess). If this is already a feature of your yard, great. If not, I can set one for $200 (it takes my guy and me at least three hours of heavy labor to do it).

Many people ask me about chicken coop kits and my opinions on them. In terms of coops and their size/design, I have pretty firm feelings: These firm feelings are based on having raised chickens in cities for the past 20 + years–not just to be ornery ; )

After you’ve had a chance to read my tract on coops, you’ll probably see why I feel many of the kit coops are either too cramped for a number of reasons, or have a design that might work fine in non-snowy parts of the country, but don’t work here in New York because they let too much snow and ice in–which means you’ll have to haul yourself out to shovel it out in inclement weather to keep your chickens from starving.

Hen Pricing

Up to four chickens are free with one of my coops. I will have a wide variety of chicks coming in May: Easter Eggers (which lay green and blue eggs, which my kids love), Red Stars, Black Stars, Barred Rocks, and more. Chicks need care inside under heat lamps until they’re mature enough to go outside. I do all the heat lamp care here, so that you don’t have that bother. They’ll be ready for outdoor living–through rain, wind, sleet, and snow–by mid-June and will be laying by Fall. If you decide to go with one of my coops and want chickens that are already laying, I’ll be happy to help you find the right breed and suss out the sex, which can be a tricky proposition.

I sell hens to people who already have coops for $20 apiece, which may sound pricey, but so is the effort of raising these special breeds under heat lamps.

Please feel free to drop me a line!

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